Practical Solutions

Boards and Strategy provides practical solutions to the concerns expressed by corporate, advisory and nonprofit boards - common concerns that are related to:

  • The forward plans of the organization beyond the purpose/vision
  • Dealing with greater complexity; options for a less certain, dynamic future
  • The assessment of strategic decisions from assumptions to consequences
  • The engagement of people at every level. People, risks and value aligned.

Boards and Strategy helps prepare boards and executives for the "next normal" and a more effective approach to creating value.  It tackles the issues that surround the organization's strategic agenda in a positive and well-balanced manner.

The book responds to both common and emergent questions about the role of boards in the oversight of strategic plans and strategic leadership.  Wolf explores the realities of board engagement in strategy in a practical, thoughtful and dynamic way. 

The take-away value for boards and management can be summed up in three areas of insight and application:
  • A commonsense framework for strategy...
  • A platform that engages board oversight...
  • A foundation for ongoing strategy dialogue...

Boards and Strategy responds to board concerns about governance process and barriers to success over time.  Further, it speaks to the evolution of organizations and strategy.

 "Boards need to evolve in their roles from simply providing oversight to developing deeper engagement in strategy..."