Evolution of Board Governance

More than ever, board effectiveness begins with strategy. But what do we mean by strategy?  And, what are the roles of the board with regard to strategy?  What about the board and management interface on strategy? And, what kind of strategy process makes the most sense? Those and many more questions are addressed in the pages and practical models of Boards and Strategy. 

Board members bring experience, insight, sound judgment, knowledge and leadership to their work on strategy.  This framework connects their assumptions, decisions, plans and measures of their strategic agenda for growth, performance and change.

This book draws from the framework outlined in the author's earlier book, Prepared and Resolved. That framework helps board members and board leaders shape planning and decision making with an engaging and practiced approach.  This same framework helps management connect the oversight work of the board and the everyday thought of the organization.

"Sound governance depends on intentional oversight of strategy, tempered by the realities of a changing world..."
Chip Jennings, Corporate and Private Equity Management Advisor